This 'skydiving' Corgi enjoys an incredibly soft landing


Before you start a petition asking for this puppy's removal from their owner, just chill a sec 'cause not everything is as it seems...

The booful Corgi dog seen in this pic is named Karma and a recent pic posted to the internet from his owner had people freaking out with fears that he was being tossed from a plane.

A split-second look prompted comments from people who said, "I thought he was being thrown from the sky!" But alas, there's nothing to fear here folks.

Little Karma is hasn't been chucked out of a plane but rather treated to some playtime in the snow by his caring owners who were oblivious to the optical illusion they created until the internet pointed it out.

As you can see, Karma lands perfectly in a mound of softness, and seems to be keen to be launched from the small height again.

In the week since the video went viral, Karma's owners have shared multiple pics showing that their pup is totally fine and enjoying the good dog-sweater life.

The only downide of this whole skydiving saga is that that Karma's new Insta fame might have made him too cool for his other four-legged housemate.