Creepy red balloons are popping up all over Sydney and nope, nope, NOPEEE!

Not into this.

By Erin Cook

Sydneysiders, we’re here to issue you with a warning. You might notice something unsettling while you’re out and about in the city’s inner suburbs today. Red balloons have been found attached to storm drains and sewer grates in Surry Hills, Chippendale, the CBD, Kings Cross and more.

Why are we so freaked out? Well, these red balloons are the calling card of Pennywise, a clown who terrorises a small town in Stephen King’s novel, ‘It’.

Usually, the red balloon means Pennywise is nearby and he’s on the hunt for his next victim.

Fortunately for us though, these red balloons represent something a little less sinister. They’re part of a clever marketing ploy to promote the latest film adaptation of ‘It’ – which hits cinemas September 7.

This marketing campaign is very, very clever. But if we’re being honest, we’d have much preferred a nice, non-threatening flyer, thank-you-very-much.