Watch: A Bloody huge crocodile swimming with a cow in its mouth

This is all far too Australian.

Because the world is a fucked up, freaky place, today a video of a humungous crocodile swimming in Western Australia went viral. Why, you ask? Well, because it was carrying a sodding huge cow in its mouth!

The snappy fella was spotted in the Kimberley by a group of barramundi fishermen (because nothing can ever be too Australian).

They were filming promo shots when their drone locked on to this whopper of a croc, and, as expected, it scared the shit out of them.

“He’s gotta be five, six metres this croc. He’s massive,” one of the fishermen told

Luckily, the fishermen were controlling the drone from further away so they weren’t in the firing line of this hungry crocodile.

It really has to be seen to be believed — watch below to be eternally freaked out by nature: