Here are some batsh*t crazy Cyclone Debbie posts that will make you run for your life

Plus, what you need to know about Cyclone Debbie.

By Jessica Chandra
Cyclone Debbie

Tropical Cyclone Debbie made landfall early this morning, hitting the North Queensland coast between Ayr and Cape Hillsborough. It’s currently at category four, which means it’s a ‘severe’ tropical cyclone with very destructive winds. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, a category four cyclone can result in significant roofing and structural damage, vehicles being destroyed and blown away, flooding, dangerous airborne debris, and widespread power failures.

Basically: if your area is hit by a category four cyclone, STAY INSIDE, PEOPLE!

The ABC reports Cyclone Debbie could even reach category five, according to BOM forecaster Brett Harrison.

Queenslanders were warned of Cyclone Debbie earlier this week, as about 25,000 people in the area of Mackay were told to evacuate yesterday as the cyclone moved closer to the Queensland coast.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk gave an address yesterday, saying, “My priority is for Queenslanders to be safe, right up and down the coastal communities that are in the zone. Please now reassure your children, go to the safest place in your house — the most secure. We are in the stage now where some communities are already in lockdown, so they should not move.”

So far, the weather has resulted in the death of one woman in a car crash; Townsville Airport and Mackay Airport have cancelled all flights; and authorities have closed 102 schools, 81 early childhood education centres, and two ports.

People caught in the middle of Cyclone Debbie have managed to capture footage to show how extreme the storm is, and shared them on Instagram.

I mean look at this tree.

And you've never seen Hamilton Island like this.

Yep, staying indoors seems like the right idea.

Stay safe, north Queensland!