Hilarious single people used dating apps to remind people to check their enrolment details

Well, it’s one good way to start a conversation…

By Jessica Chandra

Anyone who’s been on a dating app knows that starting an actual conversation — well, the text kind — with people you’ve matched with is often the ~hard part~. When there are so many options available, the standard “Hey” or “WYD” doesn’t cut it.

But ever since the same-sex marriage postal plebiscite was announced a couple of weeks ago, single people on apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr have been using them to make sure their prospective lovers were enrolled to vote!

There’s Lizzy from Canberra, who started some messages with her matches by asking if they had checked their enrolment deets.

She also revived some dead conversations from last year, so we’re assuming she went through everyone on her match list.

Junkee reports that Lizzy’s account actually got temporarily banned because she’d “been reported by users too many times.” Obviously Lizzy’s romantic prospects didn’t appreciate that she was just trying to use her account for some good.

If you think about it, it was a great idea for a couple of reasons: a) she reminded people to check their enrolment details, which is a bigger deal than it sounds; and b) it was a pretty smart way to weed out anyone you wouldn’t get along with in the first place.

Lizzy told Junkee that it was a shame she’d been banned — her account has been suspended and is currently under review — but said at least some good had come out of her suspension. “I think a few people actually did check and update their details as a result, so being banned, hopefully temporarily, is a small price to pay for progress, I guess.”

And it’s still way better than the usual “’Sup”, in our opinion.

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