Two brave doggos donated their blood to save the life of a police dog

Cue the most horrendous cry face you've ever seen.

By Sammy Stewart

Writing that headline got us like:

An extremely brave police doggo called Jardo took a bullet to the chest last week following a shooting that wounded two officers in Idaho.


According to KBOI 2 News, a 6-year-old golden retrivever named Myles and a 5-year-old pit bull who goes by Cricket each donated their precious doggo blood which helped save Jardo's life.

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In a bloody beautiful post to Facebook, Boise Police K9 group announced that Jardo was "resting up and was able to take a short walk this morning after undergoing surgery."

Veterinary surgeon John Chandler who performed the life saving surgery on Jardo told PEOPLE just how lucky this woofer was, "Jardo was both anemic and hemodynamically unstable upon arrival at WestVet. Jardo received about 3/4 liter of blood from two different donors.”

Jardo has been ordered to avoid chasing balls, get some rest and should return to full duty in eight weeks time.

Shoutout to Jardo for being an amazing police dog, but the real stars of this story are Myles and Cricket <3 <3 <3

y dogs r the best
y dogs r the best