Turns out, dolphins are petty af and love talking sh*t about other dolphins


We're not going pretend to take the moral high ground here — sometimes it's bloody hard to pass up a good old gossip sesh.

Does it make us petty? Sure. Does it give us a momentary sense of satisfaction before going back to the banality of our own lives? Abso-fucking-lutely.

So it's no surprise that our mates of the dolphin variety are not much different. Turns out, we have more in common with our finned friends than being horndogs (FYI...dolphins, like humans, have sex for pleasure — which is rare in the animal kingdom).

In a recent study shared by The Guardian, scientists found that dolphins were guilty of "producing signature whistles for dolphins that are absent — suggesting the animals may even gossip."

*'I'm sick of Susan's attitude tbh.'*
'I'm sick of Susan's attitude tbh.'

The study was published by in an article titled Nature, Ecology and Evolution, which also outlined some of the more positive traits dolphins may have, including 'sophisticated social cognition, shared goals, teaching and empathy' (bor-ring!).

Unfortunately for our bitchy spirit animals, other dolphins can eavesdrop from up to 8kms away — which only means more drama under the sea.

So, dolphin-friends, if you're going to talk about flippers office romance with the gang, you may want to create some distance first. Or just type it in group chat.