This 'Bad Lip Reading' of Donald Trump's inauguration is the funniest thing you'll see all day

Literal LOLing.

Bad Lip Reading.

If, after the hours-long inauguration we endured last week, you wanted to know what snide remarks were volleyed between Trump and Obama, what the swearing-in oath was and what was really in that Tiffany's box Melania gave Michelle, then, BOY, you are in luck.

Bad Lip Reading, the hilarious YouTube channel which dubs over pop culture moments with what they look like they've said, has turned its amaze lip-reading skills to the inauguration.

From Trump introducing himself with the words, "I'm important" and "You want to be me, don’t you? Quite a figure" to Obama gently teasing his successor with "You suuucccckkk", this video is goddamn gold from start to finish.

(Our personal favourite moment is when Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush conspire to "squeeeeeze him".)

Watch it below and LOL for the rest of the day.