5 things that happened at Eurydice Dixon’s virgil in Princes Park

The crowd sang 'Hallelujah' to remember Eurydice, just hours after her memorial was vandalised.

By Natasha Harding
Eurydice Dixon virgil Princes Park

One week after 22-year-old Australian comedian Eurydice Dixon was horrifically raped and murdered in Melbourne's Princes Park, thousands of people have come together in a candlelit virgil to remember her.

It's estimated 10,000, friends, family and members of the public gathered overnight, bringing blankets, candles and flowers to commemorate Erydice's life and 'Reclaim Princes Park'.

The tribute was one of many around the country and lasted just under an hour, with 30 minutes of silence and a short speech, as were the Dixon family's wishes.

"The death of Eurydice Dixon has resonated with so many," an organiser said. "Let's stand together."

Here are five things that happened:

1. Crowds silently gathered in Princes Park from 5pm before the park lights were dimmed at 6pm for a solemn service.

2. Organisers stood on the roof of a ute and told attendees political action needs to be taken to prevent violence against women, but said this was not the time for speeches.

3. The choir and crowd sung ‘Hallelujah’ to remember Eurydice.

4. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and his wife Catherine paid their respects at the ceremony and placed flowers on the memorial.

5. Hours before the virgil, the site was vandalised with a 25m-wide stretch of offensive graffiti, which firefighters worked to remove in the early hours of the morning.