Finding Dory may be the first Pixar movie to feature a lesbian couple


By Natasha Harding

In case you weren’t already hella excited for the new Finding Dory movie, here’s yet another reason for you to set a reminder of the release date in your calendar: it could be the first Pixar film EVER to include a lesbian couple - woop and yay!

The couple in question are featured in the background of the new trailer and, while they’re not central characters, inclusion of any member of the LGBTQI community in an animation film is still kind of a big deal when you consider how underrepresented they have been to date.

We can’t help but think how happy Ellen DeGeneres (who plays Dory) must also be about the whole thing.

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Don’t see the couple first time round? Neither did we, but they’re definitely there.

Go back to the scene where one of Dory’s octopus friends makes an escape attempt and, low and behold, the female couple turn around to pick a toy off the floor and put it back in the pram… only to find that the baby is actually a creepy AF looking octopus sucking on a dummy.

The most common interpretation drawn from the snippet is that these women are the parents of the (now missing) baby – and we’re crossing our fingers and toes that this is actually the case. After all, how awesome would it be for kids out there to be brought up with movies that resemble relationships IRL?

Having said that, this remains a theory as it’s yet to be confirmed. Other viewers have also suggested that the two women might just friends on a play date, or randoms who saw the toy and decided to pick it up.

Either way, we hope the fact people are so on-board with the idea of this lesbian couple will encourage more animation films to feature LGBTQI peeps on the reg.

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