The funniest reactions to the drawn-out same-sex marriage vote announcement

“When does the orchestra start to drown out this speech by the ABS fellow?”

By Jessica Chandra

What a historic and great day! The results of Australia’s same-sex marriage postal vote were finally announced, after months of campaigning and counting the votes, and it was a majority YES, with 61 per cent of people voting in favour of marriage equality.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats as David Kalisch, Australia’s top statistician at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), took to the podium to make the announcement.

And TBH, we thought it would be a quick announcement, like he’d literally say whether Australia had voted ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

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However, this was not the case! Instead, Mr Kalisch took his sweet time getting to the part that everyone cared about. Yes, we wanted to know that lots of people took part (12,720,920 people to be precise), and that it was a very successful voluntary survey — but really, we thought this would be a 30-second thing!

To be fair, he seems really sweet, and all eyes were on him — who can blame him for wanting to draw out the result just a little longer? Plus, he’s a statistician.

Still, it didn’t stop some people from posting funnies on Twitter about the announcement, including comparisons to Australian Idol finales and dad speeches at weddings.

Bless. At least he delivered the news we all wanted, in the end!

For a further breakdown of how Australia voted, head to the ABS website.