Gorilla escapes from London Zoo after breaking its enclosure

This is legit terrifying.

By Natasha Harding

Less than six months after the Harambe ordeal went down, another gorilla has made international headlines for all the wrong reasons and humans are to blame (again).

London Zoo’s male silverback, Kumbuka, escaped from his enclosure yesterday evening after becoming visibly distressed by visitors.

Prior to the incident, staff told visitors to avoid making eye contact with the silverback as it makes the gorilla agitated, however, some low lifes started screaming and ‘egging him on’ and all hell broke loose.

Eyewitness Chloe Hughes told the MailOnline what happened in the lead up to the gorilla’s escape. 'I was standing near the front. We were in there for a long time. The silverback was distressed. He was looking at everyone,’ Hughes explains.'Staff asked everyone to be quiet. We were at the front and they asked us to get out… Then he jumped onto the rope and smashed against the glass. It was very scary. After that happened, we all screamed. We heard the panic in the zoo keepers voice. They were shouting at us to get out.’

Kumbuka proceeded to roam the zoo for an hour and a half before being safely sedated by a tranquiliser dart. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the process.

London Zoo curator, Malcolm Fitzpatrick confirms that Kumbuka is recovering well in a statement to the BBC

"We're happy to report that he's up and grumbling, and interacting with the rest of his family in his gorilla kingdom."

Meanwhile Twitter can’t help but make its own conspiracy theory, stating that Kumbuka's escape is the start of a Harambe Rebellion…