You need to see this homeless man’s incredible makeover after 25 years on the streets

This story warms our hearts.

If there’s only one video you watch today, make it this one.

Jose Antonio, a homeless man living in Majorca, Spain, recently underwent the most amazing makeover, thanks to the kind folks at local hair salon, La Salvajeria.

Jose’s transformation needs to be seen to be believed. After 25 years on the streets, his hair and beard were long and overgrown.

However, after a quick trim, some brown hair dye and a spot of styling, Jose is practically unrecognisable. He gets quite emotional and TBH, so did we.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was shot in July 2015 but is only now going viral. Jose is now off the streets but is still looking for permanent work. We’re also happy to report that Jose has received financial support from a company that wishes to remain anonymous.

Watch the full video below.