The internet is losing its damn mind over ANOTHER hot crim

‘Cept this time, #PrisonBae is a woman.

By Lorna Gray

Ok, can we ignore for one millisecond that Sarah Seawright was arrested for aggravated robbery, kidnapping, first degree battery, hindering prosecution, and tampering with physical evidence.

Erm, yeah, it’s quite a lot to ignore...

But the internet is doing a bloody good job of it ever since her fire AF mug shot dropped and people lost their damn minds.

Of course, all this attention has us drawing comparisons to the last #PrisonBae, the beautiful crim Jeremy Meeks, who actually benefited out his crime and was snapped up by a modelling agency.

This is the world we live in.

Oh, and new criminally hot object of the internet’s obsession has been arrested before. Here’s her smilier mug shot from 2011.


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