Julie Bishop is crushin’ on the Canadian PM

For OBVI reasons. He's hot.

By Bianca Mastroianni

When Foreign Minister Julie Bishop appeared on The Project, she answered some pressing questions that the public has been dying to know.

"On a scale of George Bush to George Clooney," Fifi Box started, "just how dreamy is the new Canadian PM?"

"Well I think Prime Minister Tredeau has very ~attractive~ policies," she answered.


Image: Getty

Our own PM, Malcolm Turnbull (who should perhaps be wary of Carrie Bickmore, after she exclaimed: "I reckon Turnbull’s hotter than him") has also jumped on the ~sexy Canadian PM~ bandwagon, posting pics on Twitter of the world leaders bro-ing out.

Buzzfeed's political editor, Mark Di Stefano noted Turnbull's social media fanboy moments and suggested Jules may not be the only one with a crush.

He also posted this gem:


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