You’ll be fuming when you find out how much more Karl Stefanovic earns than his co-host Lisa Wilkinson

The gender pay gap is alive and well then…

By Lorna Gray

This is ridiculous, even by usual standards. A report by The Australian this morning revealed Karl Stefanovic earns 2.5 times the salary of his The Today Show co-host Lisa Wilkinson.

Which has us like:

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But mostly:

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The paper believes Karl earns roughly $2.5m annually, compared to Lisa’s $1m.

And sure, we LOVE Karl. Possibly too much. And he’s all about gender equality – he wore the same suit every day for a year to prove there's one hell of a double standard between his fashion choices compared to his female colleagues. Legend.

But it doesn’t change the fact he’s doing the Exact. Same. Job. as Lisa.

As angry as this has made us, it’s a good little indicator that it’s happening to everyone – even Lisa frickin’ Wilkinson - and we can call out companies on such blatant, shitty disparity.

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