Women in the UK are hilariously responding to the absolutely non-sensical #tampontax

A period drama’s brewing in the UK.

Quick background: in the UK, they’ve got the similar RIDICULOUS AF tax on sanitary items as we have here in Australia. Tampons are classed as ‘luxury items’, and people are being taxed higher rates to buy them.

You might remember when student Subeta Vimalarajah began the ‘Stop Taxing My Period’ campaign, making ex-treasurer Joe Hockey squirm. Ridiculous.

Anyhoo, over in the UK, the luxury label is not sitting well with half the menstruating public. Kate Lucey, Cosmo UK’s Digital Editor, notes: “Tampons are absolutely not a luxury product, they are an essential to half the bloody population (no pun intended) and if men had periods, there'd probably be free tampon dispensers next to every snack vending machine in the country.”


To put in context, non-luxury items in the UK - thus perceived to be essentials - include razors and pitta bread.

The British public have responded hilariously to the whole ‘Luxury Item’ debacle, protesting to get rid of the ludicrous tax at the same time.

Well played Britain, well played.