Marine biologists discovered a sh!tload of rubbish in the stomach of dead whale


Marine biologists and animal rights activists are sending out a grim message to Planet Us after they discovered shitloads of rubbish inside the stomach of a poor dead sperm whale.


Taiwanese marine biologists have discovered a mass of plastic bags, fishing net and other rubbish from the ocean.

Professor Wang Chien-ping, head of the Whale Research Centre at National Cheng-Kung University, said the garbage probably caused its death.

He said the whale could have suffered heart or lung disease and multiple infections.

"But ... the large amount of man-made garbage in the stomach could reduce its appetite and cause malnutrition. It was likely a critical cause of death," he said.

The Society of Wilderness also released a statement:

"We frequently heard of marine animals killed after swallowing lots of garbage, but this one was the biggest in size for many years," said He Chih-ying, spokeswoman for the conservation group.

Spread the word peeps, and let’s clean up our act!