'MasterChef' fans accuse contestant's mum of 'fat-shaming' her

Teasing or shaming? You decide.

By Susannah Guthrie

MasterChef fans are furious after the mother of contestant Jess Liemantara implied she had gained weight on the show.

The 19-year-old's mum made a surprise appearance on the reality cooking series and offered some interesting comments about her daughter's appearance.

"Oh I'm so proud of her. And she looks very healthy," she said, when asked by judges how she felt about her daughter's performance.

"She called me chubby!" Jess interjected. "I'm not sure what it means. I think a lot of mums always do that to their kids. 'You look good. You look healthy'."

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Clearly Jess wasn't fussed by her mum's little dig but, oh boy, was Twitter.

Fat-shaming or mother-daughter banter? It's hard to say.

All we know is every family has their little eccentricities. It's just probably better not to broadcast them on national television.