Apparently this is the REAL age millennials become adults, which is great news for most of us

Forever young.

By Jessica Chandra
Charlize Theron Young Adult

If you’re over 18 – the ~official~ age we become adults – and feel like you’re nowhere near actually being an adult, there’s good news: apparently millennials only begin to feel like grown-ups when they turn 30.

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New research conducted by David Poltrack, the chief research officer at CBS, and Nielsen Catalina Solutions, which was published on The Wrap, found that the median age of millennials is 30. This also happens to be the age when most millennials actually identify as functioning adults, which they see as “someone who had moved out of their parents’ home, has a job, and pays their own bills.”

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Millennials – people born between the years 1979 and 1995 – are definitely, er, not as self-sufficient as previous generations, but apparently we’re not entirely to blame. More millennials are still living at home because it’s impossible to buy houses, some have had trouble finding jobs after the recession, and today’s dating culture has made it seemingly harder than ever to find someone to settle down with so you can split adult bills.

And, according to Poltrack, “More controversial is the whole idea that their baby boomer parents have really coddled them. They’ve made it too good for them. Why would you leave?”

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Of course, at some stage you really do have to grow up and live your own life, away from the comfort of your parents’ home. If you’re over 30, you may still have a little time – as Elite Daily points out, via Science Daily, our brains are better equipped for “sophisticated mental processes” in our 40s.

Happy almost-adulting!