The cast of ‘Queer Eye’ are releasing a book and we’re so ready for this

Yassss kween!

By Jess Pullar

If there's one thing we could love more than the Fab Five's on-point on-screen advice, it's their on-point advice in the form of a book.

And the boys of Netflix's Queer Eye are delivering — they're gearing up to release a lifestyle book called QUEER EYE: Love Yourself, Love Your Life and we couldn't be more excited.

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The book, which will be set out in five sections covering each of the cast members expert areas, will cover topics including wellness, entertaining and basically how to live your best life.

The show's fashion expert, Tan France, told People that the book would allow people to get to know them better: "I think the reason why this show has been so successful is they're not just connecting with the heroes, they're connecting with us five," he said.

"Hip tips", offering advice on pieces to splurge on in your home or wardrobe, will also feature throughout the book. And while each of the Fab Five own their own section, you'll see some crossover with each cast member offering personal thoughts on grooming, food and fashion.

The book is set for release on November 13 — so we know exactly what we'll be putting on our Christmas wish-lists.

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