The Nokia 3310 re-release is coming sooner than we thought

There's some not-so-great news, too.

By Erin Cook


We have some good news and some bad news about the re-release of everyone's favourite first phone, the Nokia 3310.

Let's start with the good! It's coming way sooner than we originally thought. This ~iconic~ piece of technology goes on sale in the U.K. from May 24, which means British peeps will be able to get their hot little hands on this bad boy this month.

The bad? We're still not sure if it's coming to Oz.

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The "re-imagined" phone is 2G-only, and apparently our technology is too good in Australia for the Nokia 3310.

Nokia previously said in a statement to Lifehacker:

May need to stick to playing Snake on Messenger for the mo…


You guys, the best phone of all time – aka the Nokia 3310 – is going to hit shelves again this year and we are here for it!

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The best part? This new, slightly improved version of the 3310 is only going to cost $67.

YAS Nokia.

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HMD global CEO Arto Nummela made the announcement at a press conference at the Mobile World Congress overnight.

While we are very attached to the ~original~ design of the phone, which was launched back in 2000, the company has made a few slight changes to make the handset a tad more modern. It will launch in four colours – silver, red, black and yellow – and will have an extended battery life AND have a two megapixel camera. Here she is, in all her glory:

Ooft, so pretty!

Fortunately, the updated 3310 will still have those lovely, push buttons that allow for optimum results when playing Snake. It will also have a headphone jack so you can listen to some sick tunez on the bus to work.

What a time to be alive.