The most 'Strayan note ever was left on a car and it's going viral

It goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

By Sammy Stewart
Kath and Kim road rage

This country we like to call home is absolutely lit, fam.

After last month's Kangaroo versus man debacle, a new viral demonstration of Australian culture has blown up the web, and this time it's all got to do with our etiquette.

It all started when Sydney bloke Nayte L Howarth found a peculiar note on a car (it wasn't actually his.) Being the curious person that he was, Nate read the letter only to discover the most iconic "sorry but not sorry" case of all time.

Turns out, that someone accidentally scratched the Jeep and was seen doing it. The perpetrator then proceeded to write a letter excusing their mishap, but made it very obvious that there was no damage done to the vehicle, oh and suggested that the c* should learn how to park.

In case you're having a bit of trouble reading the handwriting, it says:

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Hey, at least they threw some kisses in there... right?

Current status: Feeling damn proud to call Australia home.

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