Two utter legends are suing over half-empty packets of chips

Not all heroes wear capes.

chip packets

We’ve all had our hearts broken.

You know the devastating feeling: First, you're constantly craving your heart’s desire, fantasising about putting your mouth around them and rushing home in order to rip that bad boy apart as soon as possible.

But then you finally get your hands on that bag of chips, only to open it and find what should be a tasty delight is just, well, a miserable handful of crumbs topped up with some air.

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The devastation is palpable but you learn to let it go. Move on. Meet new foods. Accept that some people just want to see the world burn.

Not these legends!

Proving they’re the real MVPs, snackers Sameline Alce and Desiré Nugent are taking on some pre-packaged food moguls — they’re suing Wise Foods for selling half-empty packets of chips.

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According to the New York Post, the pair filed a lawsuit against the US-based chip company, arguing they are purposely misleading customers into buying their products.

The courageous duo are claiming that selling such a small amount of food in too-big packaging is false advertising.

Specifically, they’re stating a 2.75-ounce (78gm) bag of Wise Ridgies Sour Cream and Onion chips is only filled to 6.35cm. This is despite the bag having a capacity of 25.4cm.

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“A plaintiff who is sold less than what was promised by a product label has a right to recover the amount by which she overpaid,” the complaint said.

“The products are misbranded regardless of any disclosures about contents settling and regardless of whether or not weight is labelled accurately.”

Good work guys, you’ve done us proud.

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