The most savage Twitter reactions to Pauline Hanson wearing a burqa in the senate

Pauline, back at it again with being a dumb f%#king idiot.

Pauline Hanson.

After President Donald Trump’s administration labelled Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party a ‘threat to religious freedom,’ Pauline has helpfully decided to double-down on that label beyond all of your wildest nightmares.

The One Nation politician today one-upped her traditional standard of offending marginalised groups around the world and contributing to a systematic culture of shame and oppression by wearing a black burqa into the senate.

After entering the floor wearing her burqa — her intentions, we can only guess, being ‘to be a big racist trashbag’ — Pauline played the kind of not-so-subtle game of ‘look at me, look at me’ that Kim Craig would be proud of, before whipping it off in a low-fi attempt at recreating that audition moment in Anatasia.

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Pauline’s reasoning for her burqa-wearing — which she probably has but we won’t repeat here because giving her platform for her hateful rhetoric is the last thing we want — was then semi-elaborated on in a speech, before she was given a righteous smack-down by George Brandis.

Naturally, Twitter was also having none of this bullshit:

What a truly, gut-wrenchingly depressing week it's been in global politics.

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