People really think they spied Prince Charles asleep during the royal wedding

I mean, weddings ~are~ exhausting.

Prince Charles has had a big week, you guys...

After Meghan Markle's father pulled out of the royal wedding the bride's now-father-in-law got the last minute call up to do the honours and walk her down the aisle. And he did that brilliantly!!!

It was a beautiful moment watching Charles chaperone the 36-year-old through St George's Chapel as the Queen and 600 guests looked on in awe.

But, after he'd done his duty, Charles took his seat next to his oldest son, Prince William--who also did a great job as Prince Harry's best man BTW--and, as the camera panned to him during the ceremony the 69-year-old looked as if he might've been... resting his eyes.

Now, having re-watched the entire wedding footage 3000 times already, we can't be 100 per cent sure what the royal was doing but, even if he were just having an extended blink or somthing, for the viewers at home, HRH must have looked as if he was snoozing because Twitter users began calling him out.

So, what say you: Sleeping or was he hiding some LOLs during Bishop Michael Curry's intense sermon?

Jury is still out. ¯_(ツ)_/¯