Royal prince of sass refuses to high-five the gloriously good-looking overlord of Canada

Lol, no.

By Lorna Gray

We love it when you’re sassy, Prince George, we really do. But we think you might’ve taken it too far this time…

George was offered the majestic hand of mangod Justin Trudeau in a high-five sitch and George totally left him hanging.

That’s right; he refused to high-five the Prime Minister of Canada.

Anyone else and we’d be lolling hard. But Justin Trudeau is human perfection. In fact, Justin Trudeau totally ruined other men for us.

(Side note: Look at him casually looking like a male model like it ain’t no thang:)

Anyhoo, we hope him and little George sorted their beef.

And we sincerely hope George continues to sass the world on royal visits. ( But not Justin Trudeau.)