Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just made their official engagement appearance and YOU GUUUYS!

Who gave you permission to be this cute?!

By Mahalia Chang

Newly-engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have already won the ‘most un-surprising engagement announcement of the decade’ award, but it looks like they’re also gonna take out our ‘WHY are you guys so damn cute?’ award, too.

Harry and Meghan made their first-ever official royal appearance in London today, to celebrate their engagement and to show off Meghan’s brand new sparkler.

The HUGE diamond ring is hard to miss. The diamond ring is set on a gold band, and features a round-cut diamond and two side-stones.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a right-proper royal wedding without some serious historical symbolism behind the rock, so here you go: the ring was created from diamonds taken from the personal collection of Princess Diana, and paired with a centre diamond from Botswana, a place close to the hearts of both Harry and Meghan. Swoon.

Meghan paired her amazing ring with a white coat and a chic scarf. Meanwhile, chuffed husband-to-be, Harry, suited up (geddit?! He Suited up?! No, yeah, sorry) in a grey suit and black tie.

Now that’s one good-looking pair.

In between staring at each other lovingly, Harry and Meghan spoke out on their engagement, which happened “last month” according to Kensington Palace. Meghan noted it was "very romantic," whilst Harry revealed he knew Meghan was 'The One' the first time he met her.

And, of course, no royal engagement is perfect without a tear-jerking nod to Harry’s late mum, Princess Diana of Wales. Harry and Meghan were photographed in the The Sunken Gardens, which are dedicated to her.

So far, apart from a broad date (spring 2018), no other details of the upcoming royal wedding have been given, which means we have, like, up to six months to speculate on dresses, tiaras, wedding venues, and celebrity-studded guest lists.

Until then, all we have are these ridiculously cute photos of Harry and Meghan looking like the two most in-love people in the world.

Come on, guys. Leave some love for the rest of us.