Prince William and Kate Middleton sent royal baby fans coffee and croissants

It's hard work waiting outside the hospital for a baby to be born.

Prince William Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge AKA Prince William and Kate have thanked super fans camping outside the hospital where their second child is due to be born by sending them some brekkie.

Kate is reportedly nearly a week past her due date, but that hasn’t stopped eager royalists from sitting outside all day, every day, in every Union Jack item they can get their monarchist mitts on.

Case in point:

This morning at around 9am the lucky fans were elated after being woken by members of staff from the royal household with some really exciting news. Nope, Kate hadn’t had her baby. But they were personally delivered snacks, and isn’t that just as good?

According to The Daily Mail, the royals sent over ten cups of coffee and two boxes of croissants, as well as Danish pastries. The best part? The boxes were wrapped in PINK RIBBON which has given the super fans something else to speculate over until Prince George welcomes a sibling into the world.

A Kensington Palace spokesman confirmed that the breakfast surprise had indeed come directly from the couple. "Yes it is true," they said. "The Duke and Duchess have seen the news reports about these people camping out and they just wanted to let them know they were thinking of them."

So basically, if you’re hungry and happen to be in the UK right now, just go raid Ginger Spice’s wardrobe and hang about the hospital. Snacks (or a baby) are on the way!