Hold up: Apparently unicorns were real, but they were NOT cute!

Consider our fantasies ruined.

By Jessica Chandra
Unicorn in movies

We love unicorns. They’re so pretty, so elegant, so ~rare~. Even if some people think they’re just white horses with perfect hair and magical horns, they’ll always be these elusive, mythical creatures to most of us — who grew up with fairy tales that basically told us this was the case.

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Really, we owe a lot to unicorns, because they’re inspired things like cakes, makeup and expensive skincare products.

(And yes, we know these kinds of unicorns don’t actually exist.)

But if this is how you want to think of unicorns for the rest of your days, you should probably stop reading, because according to ~history~, unicorns were REAL — they just looked nothing like the beautiful horse-like animals we’re familiar with.

The American Journal of Applied Science has published new research from a team at Tomsk State University that says unicorns used to live on Earth with humans. They were just a bit U.G.L.Y.

Apparently the only feature fictional unicorns have in common with real unicorns is the horn.

What is this! It basically looks like a bull-cross-rhino with a huge horn!

This creature is known as the Elasmotherium AKA a Siberian unicorn AKA the Giant Rhinoceros of Siberia. They were originally believed to have become extinct 350,000 years ago, but the new research says the timelines were wrong, and that some were around 30,000 years ago.

The timeline readjustment means these Siberian unicorns got to hang with prehistoric men — party.

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So even though they’re not as beautiful as the unicorns we’ve come to know, at least we can throw this fact into the faces of people who tell us unicorns (and other things we believe in) aren’t real.