BREAKING NEWS: The same-sex marriage bill has just been passed in the Senate!


The Senate has passed a bill for same-sex marriage just two weeks after the results of the plebiscite came in — where Australia overwhelmingly voted YES to marriage equality.

The voting results have been released, with 43 senators voting in favour of same-sex marriage and 12 against (we’re looking at you, Pauline Hanson).

Though the result is something to celebrate, this doesn’t mean that same-sex marriage is legalised in Australia quite yet. The bill will now be moved to the House of Representatives (AKA the lower house) where it will face more debate and potentially a few amendments before they, too, vote on it.

It’s good to note that the bill given to the Senate to review (penned by Liberal senator Dean Smith), was passed with no substantive amendments — meaning most of the folks voting were happy with the write up.

Senator Penny Wong, who got beautifully emotional on results day a fortnight ago spoke out on the bill being passed, saying:

With regards to a timeline of when we can expect things to be made official, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised the Australian people that everything will be sorted before Christmas — so we just have to hope that the House of Reps don’t put in any roadblocks and we can prepare ourselves to roll into the New Year with legalised same-sex marriage. WOOP WOOP!