Schapelle Corby is legit selling her parole papers on eBay

But it’s for the best reason.

By Mahalia Chang
Schapelle Corby.

Schapelle Corby, who was recently released from prison in Indonesia, has given away her parole papers to be sold on eBay, in order to raise money for Project Rescue Children.

The charity is led by Adam Whittington, the man who was detained in Lebanon for four months after a botched child recovery/abduction attempt on behalf of Sally Faulkner, and aims to recover children from exploitation in Cambodia and Kenya.

The parole papers were listed on eBay on Sunday night and the current bid stands at $10,900 AUD.

On the listing, a small statement reads: “Schapelle Corby has graciously donated her parole papers, the only possession that she left Bali with, to be auctioned by Project Rescue Children (PRC).”

“The proceeds from this Auction will be used to support our operations in Cambodia and Kenya to rescue and provide after care for children exploited by trafficking and prostitution,” it reads.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald the proceeds from the auction will go towards “initiatives like a safe house in Cambodia to help children escape exploitation and be rehabilitated once rescued” and “the development of an app or sponsorship programs”.

This isn’t the first time Schapelle has used her time in the press to champion charity causes — when she left Denpasar for the first time, she carried a bag with a photo of missing NSW boy William Tyrrell on it, with the words “Where’s William Tyrrell?”