This is what happens if your landlord finds out you've been secretly hiding a pet in your rental

Chances are they already know.

By Isabelle Truman

A Reddit thread that started up earlier this month discussed what real estate agents actually look at while doing a rental inspection.

Of course, the subject of having a secret pet arose.

Guilty. As. Charged.

Surprisingly, it turns out that most agents already know if you're hiding a little fur baby at your house.

Which freaks me out a little (anyone have a spare room?).

The giveaway? Well, it turns out you're not as sneaky as you thought.

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“Quite often it’s the water bowl left outside that might be the giveaway,” Jellis Craig real estate agent Sam Nokes said to Domain. “And unless someone has really sharp nails and decides they want to sharpen them up on the door frame, that’s usually a giveaway — the scratch marks."

"Most people give the place a good vacuum, but generally miss their couch. You’ll find the floor hasn’t got one pet hair on it and you’ll look at the couch and it’s covered,” he continued.


However, the good news is, if your pet seems to be doing no damage to the property, and everything else is going smoothly, some landlords decide to turn a blind eye.

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And, in even better news, Domain says Victoria has no laws that directly cover pets in tenancies, which means that you actually can't get evicted for just having a wee fluff ball you're not supposed to have.

To get around this, landlords in both states can include a clause that bans pets in your lease, which can serve as a breach of notice if the pet causes damage to the property, or is an annoyance to neighbours.

In NSW, there's a current push to have 'no pet' clauses removed from rental agreements altogether, so landlords will no longer be able to stop tenants from having a pet once the lease is signed. They will, however, still be able to choose someone else to move in over you and your pet.

The bottom line? Basically, if there's a clause on your lease saying you can't have a pet, and you have one secretly, a lot of landlords just decide to turn a blind eye. But if the owners aren't cool with it, they could still choose to give you a notice to vacate, so it's wise to keep your pets on the DL as much as possible.