Shocker: sexist people also anti-abortion

Crazy, right?

By Lauren Sams

In news that will shock approximately nobody, a new study has found a link between sexism and anti-abortion attitudes.

Stephanie Begun, a PhD candidate at the University of Denver, and her professor N. Eugene Walls, studied the attitudes of 651 undergrad students to see if there was a connection between sexism and being opposed to abortion.

Begun analysed the students' responses to online surveys, looking for indicators of hostile sexism (eg "women are too easily offended"), benevolent sexism (eg "in a disaster, women should be rescued first") and a combination of the two.

The result? The students who endorsed hostile sexist views were "significantly more likely to hold anti-choice abortion attitudes", Begun told The Huffington Post. Interestingly, she added, "The same was true for people who endorse benevolent sexist views of women -- and to the exact same degree as those who endorsed hostile sexist views."