BACK IN THE GAME! South Australia have passed a bill to officially recognise same-sex marriages

Onya, SA!

By Sammy Stewart


After the government's proposed plebiscite on same-sex marriage was killed off earlier this month (ANGRY FACE EMOJI), it appears that we're back on the ~progressive~ side of things thanks to our forward-thinking friends in South Australia.

South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill has successfully passed his promised Relationships Register Bill, meaning all couples- no matter what- will be recognised in South Australia.

The movement also means that same-sex marriages that are recognised outside of Australia (like if you're from NZ, for example) will be recognised in South Australia.

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The movement comes after the death of British man David Bulmer-Rizzi, who married his husband Marco in the United Kingdom. David sadly died in Adelaide while honeymooning with his husband, and thus David's death certificate was stamped with 'never married.' As a result, Marco was not listed as David's next-of-kin, meaning he couldn't make any decision regarding his late husband </3.

Now, if only the rest of Australia could catch on... ~hint hint~ ~nudge nudge~