This teen was told she violated dress codes for being "bustier" and "plus-sized"

The 17-year-old's mother shared the experience on Facebook.

By Leanna Commins
plus size student dress code

According to Melissa Barber's Facebook post, her daughter, a US high school student Kelsey Paige Anderson, was told by a teacher she was in violation of the Missouri school's dress code on Friday because she was "bustier" and "plus-sized."

Barber shared a picture of her 17-year-old daughter's outfit, which consisted of a long-sleeved shirt, skinny jeans, and boots.

"When my daughter asked why she was being sent to the office, this teacher told her 'bustier women need to wear clothing that cover their cleavage.' Then followed it up by saying 'Plus size women need to dress accordingly'.

My daughter has just been called 'Busty' and 'Plus Size' in front of the entire class," Barber explained.

Barber also claims that during a meeting with Joplin High School administrators, the principal defended the actions of the teacher, leading Barber and Kelsey to leave the school for the day without resolution.

"I refuse to put my daughter in a situation where her self esteem is completely destroyed. She is there to learn," Barber wrote on Facebook. "This whole time she was missing out on an education while we were all sitting in a room discussing her boobs. How often does this happen to your sons? Seems like another way to keep girls uneducated. #sheisnotadistraction #letthegirlslearn."

Barber said via Facebook message she is taking legal action in regard to her daughter being body-shamed by the school.

Via: Cosmopolitan US