This teenager just won the lottery twice in one week

And we somehow managed to leave a $10 note on the bus. Goddamn.

One irritatingly lucky teenager managed to have the luckiest week in, we assume, the history of the world.

The 19-year-old Californian, Rosa Dominguez, won the state lottery not once, but twice this week after nabbing herself two winning scratch cards from her local petrol station.

How much did she win? Well we will tell you (through gritted teeth). Rosa racked up $725,832 from her two five buck tickets.

Image from *California Lottery*
Image from California Lottery

Rosa told the lottery company, “I was so nervous I just wanted to cry.” We feel ya Rosa, and would have reacted this way ourselves:

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It is early days with the money just arriving in her bank account, but Rosa has already lined up her first big ticket purchase — a brand new car.

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Apparently, this isn’t the first double win the States have seen, with Bruce Magistro, a tradie from New York, recently winning $1 million, four years after he first won the lottery.

Where can we get some of this sweet, sweet dollar-generating luck?!