These Thai flight attendants are all of us as they recreate Britney Spears' Toxic film clip

Get ready for a taste of a poison paradise.

We think it would be fair to assume that Britney Spears has some fans in Thailand.

The 35-year-old singer is due to perform in Bangkok at the weekend and to celebrate four flight attendants from Thai carrier Nok Air have recreated her 2003 banger Toxic where she unforgettably played a flight attendant oozing sex appeal.

Of course, being professional flighties, the foursome absolutely nail the plane part of the clip but they don’t go so far as to don full bodysuits for the motorbike part (which we’re just going to blame on the fact that Tyson Beckford was probably unavailable for a cameo).

Take a look at the spot on recreation and the OG clip below.

Of course, this isn’t the first Toxic-inspired clip that has surfaced from a flight crew. Let’s not forget flight attendants on Israel's El Al Airlines Britney tribute, or Malaysia-based AirAsia employee Assraf Nasir’s sexy lip-sync that almost outdid the original.

Well done to you all.