How the Babadook unexpectedly became a gay icon

We're still a little confused too, but we'll roll with it.

By Jonah Waterhouse
babadook rainbow

We can't say it's too often that Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram come together to celebrate a gay icon who was never really meant to be celebrated in the first place. But that's what's currently happening with the previously terrifying yet now beloved horror movie personality, The Babadook.

How did this all begin, you may (DEFINITELY) be wondering?

Well, newfound LGBT hero The Babadook - the star of the truly terrifying 2014 Australian film of the same name - was assumed to be a gay icon after Netflix in the United States accidentally categorised the film in its LGBT section. The film, about a mother and son being tormented by a terrifying supernatural entity in their home, has pretty much nothing to do with the LGBTQ+ community, so users were left understandably confused.

And now, with Pride Week in the US, irony about the Babadook's purported stance on LGBT rights has made him somewhat of a celebrated figure in the community. I mean, the memes and purely sarcastic posts speak for themselves.

The infatuation has even spread to create its own fanart:

Have we come to terms with why this happened? No. Do we really care? No. Are we kind of living for it? Yep.

And for now, the LGBT community should find some contentment in the fact that our new emblematic figure is a house haunting, demonic figure. Or, in other words, anyone in society, no matter how much damage they've done, can be redeemed in some way or another. It's kind of beautiful, really.

Oh, and it'll make watching the movie a lot easier next time.

  • Author: Jonah Waterhouse