The most cooked records in this year’s edition of Guinness World Records

These are insane.

The annual edition of Guinness Book of World Records has dropped, and once again it’s chock-a-block with a whole lot of weird and wacky feats that we all love to gawk at – and in the case of the world’s longest fingernails – ask ourselves, “Why though?”

From the most mustard eaten in 30 seconds to the world’s longest eyelashes, we check out some of the more mind-blowing records that have been included this year.

Longest Legs & Tallest Model

Ekaterina Lisina gives a new meaning to the term ‘legs 11’, standing at a massive 6ft 8 inches and taking out the record for world’s tallest professional model. She also holds a second title for world’s longest legs, with her pins measuring an insane 1.3 metres.

Longest fingernails

This year there’s a new long-nailed lady in town. Ayanna Willaims smashed the world record with her 576 cm nails that took her a staggering 23 years to grow. While she insists that her nails don’t cause her too many issues in her daily life, we don’t even want to imagine the ordeal that would be involved when going to the bathroom…

Rabbit that can slam drunk the most baskets in one minute

Who knew this was even a thing? Tbh, we don’t even care how weird it is, cos record-holder Bini the bunny is just too cute for words. Plus, the fact that a rabbit even knows how to slam dunk in the first place is impressive in its own right.

Most mustard, mashed potato and Marmite eaten

Andre Ortolf holds the records for most mustard in a tube drunk in 30 seconds, most mashed potato eaten in one minute and most Marmite eaten in one minute. Oh, he also hold another for most tennis balls bounced and caught blindfolded in one minute. Talk about an overachiever…

Longest eyelashes

OK – we love our lash extensions as much as the next gal, but we don’t know how we’d feel having these super long stringy bits hanging off our eyes like record-holder You Jianxia. Her lashes have been measured at an insane 12.4cm and fall past her cheeks. At least she’d never have to buy mascara, right?