10 things about women that men secretly find sexy

Because sometimes you're completely unaware of how hot you are.

By Marcus Barnes
Denise Richards Friends Ross

1.**That awkward look you do when we pay you a compliment
**Sometimes you have no idea how hot you are, so we take it upon ourselves to remind you. At that moment you're so surprised that you almost recoil with embarrassment, but it's utterly enchanting and reveals your vulnerable side. Magic.

2. When you laugh with all your heart and soul. A hearty laugh, maybe with a snort at the end, is something we can't but help but find endearing. Don't hold back, let it all out (at the right time of course) and we'll be thinking about nothing but you, the bed and steamy antics all night.

3. When you dance like no one's watching. The high heels come off, the hair is unfurled and the music takes control. There you are, grimacing, giving your pelvis a good thrust and throwing down as though you're in front of the mirror at home with no one around to judge you. Major turn on.

4. When you get silly drunk and act like a big kid (in a good way). When you get giddy and silly, losing your inhibitions and that serious façade that so many women can adopt, we're putty in your hands.

5. When you handle a difficult situation calmly and confidently.
As much as we love supporting you, when you freak out - we freak out too. But when you have your shit together and subsequently breeze through yet another one of life's many difficult obstacles as usual, it's a dream and you're wonderwoman.

6. When you're not ashamed to walk around the house in your scruffs.
Keeping up appearances is impossible in a relationship, so why bother? We'd much rather have a partner who's not afraid to be herself and is comfortable enough with us to spend the day without make-up, and in her relaxing garms. It's what's underneath that we're imagining anyway...

7. When you knock up a mean dinner using nothing but leftovers in the fridge.
Ok, it could be seen as a tad sexist to talk about women cooking, but I mean this in the best possible way. To be with someone who can rustle up a tasty, filling meal with little effort is definitely a very attractive prospect - you'd feel the same about us, right? Less thought and much less worry about being perfect, means more time to crack on with some good, post-dinner loving.

8. When you push us to do the very best in life.
Identifying the key moments when some advice or a gentle nudge in the right direction would be hugely beneficial to us. Remembering a friend's birthday, finding a handy website or a job opportunity are among the many things that we really appreciate you bringing to our attention when we've not got our eye on the ball.

9. When you ditch us for a bit.
When you need some space and want to chill out on your own, or sack us off for nights out with your mates, it shows how independent you are. Distance makes the heart grow fonder - even if we're in different rooms of the house getting on with our own business - it makes us miss you. So do come back.

10. When you walk around the house unaware that we're admiring you from afar.
We are ALWAYS checking you out; when you're reading a magazine, watching TV, on the phone or simply walking from one part of the room to another – blissfully unaware that we're undressing you with our eyes.