19 things all Gen Y will remember about the birth of the internet

MSN Messenger and Myspace all day errday.

By Mel Evans

The World Wide Web has a few birthdays, but today marks the 25th birthday of the first publicly-available web page. So that's exciting. I mean, we think today marks it. The internet itself argues about this. However, we're always up for an excuse to celebrate the crazy world of what's on the line, so what better excuse than this potential birthday!

What are we celebrating today? Why, that would be all the weird shit we frothed on when we first got an internet connection, innit?

Let's proceed...

1. An actual, physical, separate from the computer, webcam. None of this 'built in' crapola. It was attached by a plastic clip and we never used it because we had no idea how to set it up. Probably involved a floppy disk. Lol. Floppy disk.

2. Using the phone or using the internet. Not both at the same time. CHOICES. And if someone was on the phone when you wanted to log into Chat Roulette, well, balls! But not balls on Chat Roulette.

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3. Chat rooms

Something that seems so dangerous now, but was a constant source of entertainment at sleepovers. Mirc. Remember Mirc?!

4. The Sims

Who knew how much fun creating a fake family and wreaking havoc on their lives would be! From woo-hooing to Rosebud…long live The Sims.

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5. Choosing your Top 8


6. Figuring out which song best reflected your mood that day for your MySpace profile

It had to be the right mix of edgy, but cool, to reflect how cultured, yet with the peeps, you were.

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7. Limewire/Napstar/Kazaa

Used to download said edgy, but cool songs. Long before iTunes became a thing. Pfft, paying for songs? What are we? Millionaires?

8. Neopets

9. When all the boys joined World of Warcraft. Then we did. Because it’s awesome.

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10. Habbo hotel The Sims, before The Sims, really. But also a social network. Basically, the best of all worlds that ever existed.

11. A/S/L
Used immediately when talking to someone new in number 3 and 13…and 12. Stands for Age/Sex/Location and told you a lot about the person on the other side of the screen.

12. Choosing your first Hotmail addy and getting super creative. Probably with a ‘69’ thrown in there for the LOLz.

13. Learning ‘LOL’ and using it


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14. Writing each word of an email in a different ~FuNkY~ colour (or, alternatively, with every other letter capitalised. Or both).

And then saving all your replies to read back over.

15. The sound of your dial up modem powering up. BRRRRRR BA DER BA DER BRRRRRRR *memories*

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16. Basically turning into an amateur coder with all the <b>text</b> and background changes you were making to your MySpace.

Then learning all the html codes to tap into your friends’ hidden top friends and being shattered by your position.

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17. Your MSN name was actually just a competition to see how many Rose emojis and ~* signs you could use, accompanied by an emo song lyric description ‘cause you were so ~*MiSuNdErStOoD*~

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18. Searching Google for high-res pics of your fave band (Simple Plan or Good Charlotte) to set as your desktop background.

19. Landing on a totally suss page and then accidentally downloading a whole shittone of viruses.

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In closing, happy birthday internet (sort of)! You’re alright

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