This guy was accidently lent $2m by his bank, so he spent it, of course

As you do.

When then 22-year-old Luke Brett Moore found himself unemployed, his financial situation seemed bleak, until, that is, he realised he could just call the bank up and ask them for ludicrous amounts of money.

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It started when Moore switched banks, but noticed that his mortgage repayments were still going out of his St. George account, which had no money in it. The account was going into an overdraft which he had never set up.

Fast forward a bit and Moore is getting loans of $50,000 a pop from the bank, saying to BBC that he spent the money on strippers, cars, and random rare collectables, such as a Michael Jordan basketball singlet.

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It was two years before the bank realised its blunder, and Moore was initially sent to jail for the spending spree.

In a totally bad ass move, he then read up on his case, represented himself in court, and was released.

Now, we're certainly not condoning this behaviour, but swap that MJ singlet for a Chanel bag or a trip to the Maldives and we can't say we wouldn't be tempted to do the same.