You're going to want to hear what this trans Aussie has to say about male privilege

Nevo brought a unique perspective to the debate.

By Jessica Chandra
Trans activist Nevo on Hack Live

Off the back of the controversial film The Red Pill, which has copped plenty of backlash due to its sympathetic view towards men’s rights movements, Tuesday night’s edition of Hack Live addressed the topic: ‘Is male privilege bullsh!t?’

The show pulled together a panel that included feminist writer Clementine Ford, men’s right activist Adrian Johnson (not his real name), transgender activist Nevo Zeslin, and anti-feminist journalist and commentator Daisy Cousens to discuss the issue. Cassie Jaye, the American director of The Red Pill, was also supposed to appear, but she pulled out of the show just hours before it went to air.

The topic and panellists provided lots of heated moments, including one between Clementine and Daisy, who ripped into each other about online comments and going after people on social media. Host Tom Tilley wasn’t able to get a word in.

But the most salient point about male privilege (getting back to the topic) that was made on the episode came from Nevo.

Towards the end of the episode, when the topic of honey badgers — not the animal, but women who fight for men’s rights — came up, Nevo spoke up again not just about male privilege, but about feminism and ideologies in general.

Bravo, Nevo.

The people of Twitter also had some ace reactions to the whole thing.

If you missed the episode, you can watch it here.