Turia Pitt judges Miss World Australia

The inspirational burns survivor spoke to the competitors about the real meaning of beauty, before taking her spot on the judging panel.

Three years ago, Turia Pitt suffered horrific burns to 65 percent of her body when she was caught in a bushfire while running an ultramarathon in Western Australia. Now, she’s giving motivational talks and inspiring woman across the globe.

On Saturday the 26-year-old, who recently made worldwide news featuring on the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly, attended the Miss World Australia competition and spoke to the 44 contestants before joining the judging panel.

“Every single girl said they were completely moved by Turia’s talk and it made all of them reassess the way they think about life,” last year’s winner Erin Holland told Daily Mail.

“We’re all faced with adversity in our life but with a positive outlook you can overcome anything and that’s exactly what Turia shows us.”

“You may think you’re having a bad day but she went through the most extreme version of that,” the model added.

“Turia has rebuilt her body and her mind and she’s done it all with a positive attitude – she’s the most incredibly inspirational person I’ve met.”

The competition was taken out by Brisbane beauty Courtney Thorpe - below, left - a 24-year-old fashion editor who admitted she was “the chubby loser kid at school.”

“It was tough. I really struggled with it. I was constantly comparing myself to everyone else,” she told Confidential.