Uber could be launching flying cars and we are keen AF

Where they’re going, they don’t need roads…

flying car

Ever been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and thought, “If only this car could sprout wings and glide over this sea of vehicles”?

Well, good news: Uber are hoping to bring to reality what Back to the Future never could — flying cars!

And they’re set to arrive sooner than you might expect.

Uber’s futuristic plan, announced at the Uber Elevate Summit in Dallas, involves testing the flying cars in Dubai and Dallas-Fort Worth by 2020, The Australian reports.

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The company has been at the forefront of innovative transport since it transformed ride-sharing with the launch of the Uber app way back in 2009.

Though the technology seems like it would be more at home in a sci-fi movie than in the skies, Uber are insisting it is the next natural progression for ride-sharing.

The move would include a network of flying vehicles that would allow travellers to avoid congested roads and highways but it is unclear whether air traffic control (like that used to direct commercial airplanes) would be used.

Vehicles being tested within the next three years will reportedly take off and land vertically. Realistically, it could be quite some time before the fleet of flying cars will be available to access by consumers.

According to The Australian, Uber hopes that in the future, a ride in a flying cost will cost around $1.76 per passenger mile, which is roughly the same as an UberX ride currently costs.

Well, we guess that settles it, then. So long, boring old road-using cars — we won’t be needing you anymore!

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