So, unicorn toast exists and it's not even bad for you


By Isabelle Truman
unicorn toast

It's safe to say, we are unicorn obsessed. From unicorn makeup brushes to unicorn inspired cakes, we just cannot get enough of these magical creatures - and anything that even semi-resembles them.

Now, there's a new unicorn creation which you can have every damn day, if you so wish.

Introducing, unicorn toast.

That's right, people. Rainbow coloured, sparkly toast.

Yep, incredible, right? Although the different colours look like they're made out of icing sugar, nope, not the case.

The best part about this creation: it's actually pretty healthy.

The different colours are made with around two tablespoons of cream cheese.

Blogger, Adeline Waugh, uses beetroot juice to make the pink, turmeric root for the yellow, chlorophyll drops for the light green, spirulina powder for the light blue, blueberry powder for the purple and strawberry (or raspberry) powder mixed with beetroot juice for the light pink.