VIDEO: Reactions to gay couple’s PDA

An American hidden camera show filmed public reactions to a gay couple kissing. The result will make you feel all kinds of things.

An American hidden camera show has highlighted extreme and contrasting reactions to a gay couple out in public that will make you feel a whole rollercoaster of emotions.

The show, called What Would You Do, planted actors in a Mississippi restaurant to gauge local reactions to gay people. The couple and a woman kicking up a fuss about their affectionate behaviour were all actors, while the others were genuine diners.

A clip that has just appeared online shows a family blatantly point, stare and laugh at the couple. The children at the table even take pictures with their camera phones.

Meanwhile, a couple of young, straight college dudes are disgusted by the others’ bigoted behaviour, and the way they stand up for the pair will make you want to jump up and down and wildly applaud them for being such freaking heroes.

Have a look for yourself. It really does make for both eye-opening and inspiring viewing.