Update: Gable Tostee has been found not guilty of murder or manslaughter

Warriena Wright fell to her death from Tostee's balcony in August 2014.

By Natasha Harding
gold coast

UPDATE 20/10/2016: Gable Tostee has been found not guilty of murder or manslaughter in the case of Warriena Wright, who fell to her death from Tostee's balcony in August 2014.

According to the Brisbane Times, the jury deliberated for more than 12 hours since retiring on Monday.

Justice John Byrne reportedly told the jury earlier this week to persevere until they reached a unanimous verdict, stating "experience has shown juries can often agree if given enough time to consider and discuss the issues".

UPDATE 11/10/2016: As the Warriena Wright murder trial develops, more harrowing evidence is being brought before the Brisbane Supreme Court. In yesterday's session the jury were shown a range of selfies and a voice recording between Wright and Gable Tostee reportedly taken only moments before Wright fell to her death from Tostee's balcony in August 2014.

The selfies in question show the pair having a good time together, however, Wright's mood appears to have changed in one of the photos, with the 26-year-old looking worried and distracted.

A recording from Tostee's phone was also played before the court.

The audio shows Tostee telling Wright that she'd overstayed her welcome as she had physically hurt him. Wright reportedly apologises and is later heard screaming 'No, no, no, no, no!' before begging Tostee to let her go home.

Not long after Wright was reportedly forced out onto the balcony, she falls to her death. Tostee then calls his father for help:

"Hello dad, I might have a bit of a situation. I met up with a girl for a date ... she started getting really aggressive. We had sex in bed and then after that she kept drinking," Tostee says.

"I think she might've jumped off ... there's like a million cops. I'm fucked, I don't know what to do. I didn't cause this, I didn't push her or anything."

Tostee's defence say the voice recordings are vital evidence in proving Tostee's innocence, arguing that the accused's actions were self-defence rather than murder.

According to Pedestrian TV witness, Nick Casey, who lives on the 12th floor of Tostee's apartment building says he saw Wright dangling from Tostee's balcony:

“I heard her say, ‘I want to go home’, I heard her say, ‘help’ and at that point I said to her, ‘go back inside’ and it wasn’t long after that she fell... She fell straight past where I was standing on the balcony and ricocheted off a few balconies below us and kept going to the ground."

This story is developing.

ORIGINAL STORY 11/10/16: The trial into Warriena Weight’s death begun yesterday at Brisbane’s Supreme Court with Police releasing the first pictures inside the apartment of Gable Tostee.

Gable Tostee (30) is accused of killing Wright (26) after the deceased’s body was found at the base of his Gold Coast apartment block in 2014. The pair reportedly met over Tinder on August 8 of the same year when Wright was on a two week holiday from New Zealand.

According to the Mail Online, the court was shown pictures inside Tostee’s apartment, including the scene where Wright allegedly threw decorative white rocks at the accused in his lounge room, his bedroom (with the bed missing a pillowcase) and the balcony where Wright is believed to have fallen from (as well as a police re-enactment of the incident).
The MailOnline adds that the court also heard an audio recording of Tostee and Wright’s encounter, where Wright was reportedly heard saying she wanted to leave Tostee’s apartment several times.

'You're lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony you God damn psycho bitch,' Tostee says in the recording.

In the recording, Tostee remarked to Wright, 'If you try to pull anything I'll knock you out, I'll knock you the f* out - do you understand?'

Crown prosecutor Glenn Cash, told the jury that Tostee did not throw Wright off the 14th floor balcony, but intimidated and threatened her to the point that she felt her only escape was to climb down from his balcony.

Tostee has pleaded not guilty.