Treasurer Joe Hockey has admitted the GST should be taken off sanitary products

AND he's promised to raise it at the next meeting of the Treasurers - hells YEAH!

By Lorna Gray

You know when you were at school and you wanted to skip P.E so you’d tell your male teachers you were riding the crimson wave so they’d get flustered, go bright red, and let you sit out?

Well, Treasurer Joe Hockey had the EXACT SAME squirmy reaction when he was confronted with a giant tampon and asked about the GST on sanitary products on Q&A last night. And it was awesome.

It all came about after Sydney University student Subeta Vimalarajah started the ‘Stop Taxing My Period’ campaign earlier this month.

Subeta urged people to sign a petition to stop the Australian Government taxing sanitary products by 10%. To put into context, lube and condoms aren’t taxed as they’re seen as ‘necessary’ enough to be GST-free but tampons and sanitary pads aren’t.

The campaign took off, gathering almost 90,000 signatures in a few weeks and attracted international media attention, but no reply from Hockey’s office or the Treasury.

So last night Hockey was confronted live on-air with a giant tampon as he appeared on Q&A to sell his latest budget.

Seriously awks for old Joe Hockey who had to concede Subeta’s point — he admitted that the GST SHOULD be taken off sanitary products, and promised he would “raise it with the states at the next meeting of the Treasurers in July” as the first move in having sanitary products declared essential health items. Woop!

Subeta was in the audience and we gotta applaud you, gurl. Your campaign could scrap this sexist and unfair tax and benefit every Aussie who menstruates. Not bad, huh?

Also, mad props to whoever came up with the giant tampon stunt. We think Joe Hockey might be scared of periods.